shape local transform rotation problem

I use the transform to build my model matrix. I take the global transform from the actor of the shape (PxTransform global = shape->getActor()->getGlobalPose()), and the local transform of the shape (PxTransform local = shape->getLocalPose()).
To get the model matrix: PxTransform model = global * local
The problem is that some objects are rotated about 90° around the x axis in my rendering. But collision detection seems to be right, at least the ball shape collides “in” half of the wall which wrongly rotated by this matrix.
With “some” objects I mean that it seems like this happens only objects which actually use a local shape transform which is not the identity transform (and consist of multiple shapes).
Anyone a hint why?
I use OpenGL. Unfortunatly PhysX Visual Debugger crashes my program, (like NSight also does, I think it is because of Windows 8, profiling also does not work with Windows 8 + Visual Studio 2010).

Oh and I model the scene in Maya 2013. In the PhysX Viewer everything is correct. PhysX Version is 3.2.3.

When I create a Convex Hull shape instead of a Box in the sub-elements than the local rotation is correct… maybe a bug?