Share Your 3D Projects in the #OpenUSDChallenge

You’re invited to participate in the latest community challenge from the NVIDIA Omniverse, Studio, and Developer teams, running through May 31.

Use an NVIDIA Studio laptop or an RTX card with the NVIDIA Omniverse platform in your workflow — and share your Universal Scene Description, aka OpenUSD-based scenes on social media using the hashtag #OpenUSDChallenge — for a chance to be featured across social channels for Omniverse (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), Studio (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Threads) and NVIDIA Developer (Twitter, Instagram).

For inspiration and to get you started, check out our OpenUSD learning series featuring the four superpowers you can leverage to unlock the power of 3D workflows.

Need help? Please reach out to the team on the NVIDIA Omniverse Discord and forums.

Featured image courtesy of Sir Wade Neistadt.