Shared memory bounds check off by 1(024)

Hello, it looks like shared memory bounds check is off by 1024.

Platform: Windows 10
Toolkit: 12.2 Update 2
CC: 8.6
Build: nvcc -arch sm_86 -G -g -o task1.exe
Test: compute-sanitizer task1.exe

__global__ void k(int *s)
	__shared__ int a[1];
	s[0] = a[1];   // does not detect this
	s[0] = a[256]; // does not detect this
	// s[0] = a[257]; // detects only this

int main() {
    int *devMem = nullptr;
    cudaMalloc((void**)&devMem, 32);


    return 0;

It looks suspiciously like the 1KB of reserved shared memory on CC 8.0+.

As you mentioned, you are accessing reserved shared memory, so this behavior is expected given that our tool cannot make the difference between regular and reserved shared memory accesses on Ampere and Ada. This issue is addressed starting Hopper.

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