Ship OptiX 7.1.0 Application as .exe

Hi. I want to ship .exe format application including optix7.1.
I made a distinction between the case when the cu file exists and the case when it exists. If you have a cu file, compile it with nvrtc and save ptx. If there is no cu file, read ptx directly. This flow looks normal. I want to know if there are any serious mistakes that I haven’t noticed.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @tommyecguitar, welcome!

Your workflow sounds normal to me too. If there is always a backup ptx file, it should always work. For users that have a cu file, will they need to install the CUDA toolkit to get nvrtc?



Thank you for your comment.
I’m going to output the code as it is now.
You’re right, if users have only cu file, they need the cuda toolkit, but I’m not assuming that ptx is not present in the output application.

Thank you.

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