Simple Streams Sample On GTX260 - NO improvement


When running the provided simple streams example on my GTX260 i get almost no improvement when using streams. Can anyone explain why this may be, or are there some settings i need to change to get it to work?

Attached is the console output.

streams do nothing on vista–check the release notes.

Ah… good shout. Cheers

I think I replied too quickly before and might have confused things for some people. So, a clarification:

Streams do two things. First, you get completely asynchronous operation for the GPU. Second, it allows you to overlap one memory transfer at a time from the CPU to the GPU (or vice-versa) with kernel execution.

In Vista, streams still do the former just fine; what they don’t do is overlap memcpy and kernel execution, which is why the stream SDK sample shows no improvement.

Somewhere I heard for GPU programs than can be written in DirectX or Cuda, Streaming was the primary performance advantage that Cuda would have.

So I wonder does this mean the main performance benefit for using Cuda goes out the window on Vista?

Is this something that will be fixed going forward?

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Maybe you should check the releasenotes?

Was your reply just a guess that there may be something relevant in the release notes, or are you implying there is a specific point addressing the question but you choose not mention what that point is?

Since an NVidia person commented on the issue it would seem logical that if a fix was imminent hey would have mentioned something.

Well, actually I was writing the post, in the meantime looking for the releasenotes, but as I unfortunately could not find them, sent the post like that. My guess was that the releasenotes would mention it is something that is not working yet (like Tesla e.g.).