Smart Mirror using Nvidia Jetson Nano

I want to create a smart mirror and my team decided to use the jetson nano because we would like the mirror to have medical uses and so we needed the power of the GPU.

We were thinking that the user should be able to interface with the mirror using voice commands and so I want to ask whether we can use microphone in order to start the application and/or give commands inside the application.

Thanks in advance

You might want to look into
Most build instructions are for Raspberry Pis, though.

In case you want to go the full “open source with privacy” route I recommend looking into as well:

Yes I am yell aware of the MagicMirrorOS. We decided to create our own program from scratch though since we are more comfortable with Python and Magic Mirror is build on NodeJS and it will be a fun learning experience.

My main concern is the user interface as I mentioned before and I want to be sure that I can use a microphone using jetson nano before buying one because I haven’t seen anything specific on that matter online.

Thanks for your answer!


Are you looking at using remote photoplethysmography to estimate pulse rate etc…?


It is definitely in our to do list for the near future