smart parking detection

I’m trying for a while to install and run the smart parking detection application…

After flashing the latest Jetpack (4.2.2) with SDKManager including Deepstream, didnt find any instructions how or where I find/build the smart parking app, tried also to install the latest Deepstream manually and to pull the docker container and no success in getting any closer to running the smart parking app
most I was able to do was add my IP camera string file and run it in the sample apps

I’m pretty new to developing and programming so if anyone can point me in the right direction of getting closer to the smart parking detection would be very appreciated



You can find our latest Deepstream package here:
Since we have lots of sample and demo for Deepstream, could you share the link or document of the application you want with us?



We discuss this issue more today.

The Smart Parking sample you mentioned cannot be used on the Jetson. It is not working with Deepstream 4.0 or 4.0.1.
Only Deepstream 3.0 supports it and for the dGPU use case.

It may be included in our future Deepstream release. Will keep you updated.


will it work on a previous Jetpack version with Deepstream 3.0 on the Jetson Xavier?

No, only for dGPU.