Deepstream for Tegra/ Xavier

I have flashed my jetson xavier with jetpack 4.2 recently. From certain discussions over the forum I got to know that Nvidia is in process to release a new Deepstream version for Jetpack 4.2. Would I have to wait then for Deepstream 4.0 release to build intelligent video analysis application or I can start with deepstream 3.0?
Also, I want to build an application for IVA on xavier so can you please help me with the installation steps of deepstream and how to deploy the pipeline of video analysis on Xavier?
Any other step post flashing that I should keep in mind?

Hi meena015,

Please refer to

Working with DeepStream SDK is really not that painful of a process. I am actually quite impressed with NVIDIA in this respect. I’m confident there are a lot of people around the world who are actively building applications on the DeepStream platform.

I have a video walkthrough that goes through how to install and run DeepStream SDK 3.0 on the Jetson Xavier.

I also have a video walkthrough on how to get the redaction app from NVIDIA running on the DeepStream SDK 3.0

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