Software dependencies of Deepstream


In the deepstream user guide, the following software dependencies have been mentioned:
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (with GCC 5.4)
NVIDIA Display Driver R384
cuDNN 7 & TensorRT 3.0

I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and I flashed jetson Xavier with jetpack 4.2. My doubt is that do I need to download display driver and videoSDK listed above separately or they come by default with jetpack 4.2?


You should get the Tesla package. For Xavier, it is

The DeepStream SDK requires:
• NVIDIA® JetPack 4.1.1 or NVIDIA® Linux for Tegra (L4T) R31.1
• NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
• The DeepStream SDK package, including:
• Binaries (deepstream_sdk_on_jetson.tbz2)
• sources (apps/ select plugins and libraries)
• samples (config files, models, video streams)
• License file
• README file
The DeepStream SDK requires that these additional components be installed on the target (the developer kit):
• CUDA 10.0
• cuDNN 7.3
• TensorRT 5.0
• OpenCV4 3.3.1
• VisionWorks 1.6
• librdkafka (for messaging with the Cloud)
See the section Installing the Prerequisites for instructions on how to install these components.

Thanks. This was quite helpful to start.

Do we need to install Deepstream on Xavier using host machine or directly on Xavier board? it is unclear by documentation where it says ‘All of the following operations are performed on the development board’ to install deepstream SDK and then in step 2 it says ‘Copy the DeepStream SDK on Jetson archive file from the host system to the nvidia user’s home directory on the development board:’.

I am getting error as mentioned below while executing command scp deepstream_sdk_on_jetson_partner.tbz2 nvidia@<ip_address>:~

error is:
nvidia@jetson-0423018054743:~$ scp deepstream_sdk_on_jetson_partner.tbz2 nvidia@$
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out
lost connection

Can someone please guide me on this?

You just need to copy the binary to your xavier with whatever method you can use, and extract it as instructed.

The error your reported says “connect to host”, which is not If you use scp, check if the ip address is correct.