DS 3.0 Start Guide for Building an App


I have successfully installed DS 3.0 on Jetson Xavier few days back and am able to run the sample apps using it. I want to build an application which can identify the numbers in a video. I am not sure how and where to start with Deepstream.
I want to build the pipeline for it so I went through plugin manual and user guide but still it is unclear that what I really need to do to achieve my end result.

If any one can at least guide me through the steps through your experiences for building an app for your own video dataset, I would be really grateful.

Hi meena015,

We have released the DeepSteam SDK 4.0 last week, please try to move this new version for more features and supports, see https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1057879/announcements/announcing-deepstream-sdk-4-0-/