DS 3.0 installation on Desktop GPU


Can I install Deepstream directly on Desktop GPU to run an app? I need it for my use case to run NVIDIA’s one of the reference app on Desktop GPU coz it is not supported by Jetson GPU.
I have installed CUDA, TensorRT, NVIDIA driver 410+ as enlisted the dependencies for DS 3.0 on my desktop.
Could anyone please guide me through the steps to run the app on Desktop GPU? I was able to run other apps on Xavier which were supported by it.


Can you use deepstream 4.0 ? 4.0 has a lot of improvement.


I can use either DS 3 or 4 but not on Jetson GPU. I need to run an application on desktop GPU that uses following command:

$deepstream-app -c <config_file_path>

Now without jetpack on Desktop how can I install and run deepstream on desktop to run the application?

You can download desktop version from here: https://developer.nvidia.com/deepstream-download