NVIDIA DeepStream SDK v1.5 on Jetson

NVIDIA DeepStream SDK v1.5 on Jetson will now support the latest JetPack 3.2. DeepStream SDK is a modular framework to rapidly build applications to enable intelligent video analytics for applications like smart cities and industrial inspection.

With JetPack 3.2, developers benefit from TensorRT 3.0 GA, cuDNN 7.0.5, CUDA 9.0, and the latest multimedia APIs to build the highest performance solutions for AI at the edge. This latest version of DeepStream SDK is open to all registered developers. Download it here today.

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I am trying out DeepStream on the Jetson TX2. My installation seems to have gone fine. However, when running samples, (as per the instructions in the README), I encountered segfaults/core dumps.

My configuration:
I’m using JetPack 3.3 on Jetson TX2, and the DeepStream 1.5 pre-release for Jetson.

Has this combination been tested? Or do I need to downgrade to JetPack 3.2?


Hi prashanth.bhat, it would seem that you were able to get the answer from the DeepStream on Jetson forum - the DeepStream 1.5 release requires JetPack 3.2.