DeepStream SDK v1.5 in TX2 with Jetpack 3.3


I am having problem in running Deepstream sample code with Jetpack 3.3 release(Full update)

Executing below command gives segmentation fault and exits.

nvgstiva-app -c {HOME}/configs/PGIE-FP16-CarType-CarMake-CarColor.txt

I am able to run the same with Jetpack 3.2(which is having TensorRT 3.0).

I want to verify the Yolo implementaiton which is not building with Jetpack 3.2. Throwing below error,

“IConstantLayer is not a member of nvinfer”

ALso w.r.t below link,

Yolo implementation requires CUDA 9.2 and TensorRT 4.x

Please help me in getting yolo implementation running with deepstream for TX2.


Please refer to the second point over here to use the standard models with DS 1.5 and jetpack 3.3.

You cannot run the yolo app/plugin with Jetpack 3.2 since it requires TensorRT 4