SN2010 SwitchDev and ASIC profile Large Chunks


Do I need ‘lange_chunks’ in my ASIC profile when doing basic peering routing, no more than 32 members of a nexthop group.

Any suggested sample configs? Mostly optimising for v4 and v6 peering routes.

Thinking about using this config for SN2010.

devlink resource set pci/0000:01:00.0 path /kvd/linear size 48128

devlink resource set pci/0000:01:00.0 path /kvd/linear/singles size 16128

devlink resource set pci/0000:01:00.0 path /kvd/linear/chunks size 32000

devlink resource set pci/0000:01:00.0 path /kvd/linear/large_chunks size 0

devlink resource set pci/0000:01:00.0 path /kvd/hash_single size 160768

devlink resource set pci/0000:01:00.0 path /kvd/hash_double size 49152

devlink dev reload pci/0000:01:00.0

From: Resource Management · Mellanox/mlxsw Wiki · GitHub

Linear-Large-Chunks: Multiple nexthops for multipath routes requiring up to 512 entries each

Seems there is no ‘Issues’ section on Github for this project though.

Does anybody have config examples?

Please open a support request so we can better look into this question for you.

Please point me at that process.

Use the file a support case link under enterprise support on the following page:

We also have phone numbers listed on this page:

Seems to ask for a login.

Someone should have received a link to create your account in the welcome email when your support contract was first created. I DM’ed you a link that should work if you do not have that welcome email.

Does support require a paid account of sorts?

I’m just hoping to run Debian on a switch. All open source.

Cumulus Linux is the closest thing to Debian running on a switch. It takes a linux networking config and programs it into the ASIC and it functions similar to a server with dozens of ports that can switch/route traffic at line rate.

With ONIE you can install a NOS, but to take advantage of the switch hardware you would need to write/acquire a NOS that can do this.

With just Debian installed on the switch and only open source software, you might be able to use it as a low powered linux server, but hardware designed to work as a server instead of a switch would perform much better.

Switchdev support would be through a support contract or other agreement with NVIDIA. Sales would be the best place to find out more details. Switchdev support is not something you can simply order on our website, it is different from the way you can easily order a Spectrum based switch with Cumulus Linux and X years of Y level of support.

How would I go about contacting the people who wrote this?

The following page of the wiki has contact information at the bottom: