Does anyone have any news on NEXUS ?
I have registered at the beginning of October and got a “stay tuned” type of message at the end of October and nothing ever since.

It seems to be that some people have access to the tools which are dated with 12.02.09. A readme can be found here: Blog .

It says…

If you are registered for the developer program… the only thing you can do is to request a new account and to wait…

The last mail I received was on the 31th october:

Does someone know how long we have to wait? I also need it to boost up some development process… and it would also enhance a fun-factor while developing with cuda ;) Perhaps some information from the support? :rolleyes:

There is also a new forum here called “Nexus”… … it is empty for now :)

Got access 4 days ago but had very little time to play with.

Biggest (and saddest) news is:

I don’t think this is really bad. Are there any other people who already have access to nexus?

That is/will not be true for machines with more than 1 GPU as far as I read. I was actually very happy that it was possible to use 2 1GPU machines to do debugging, as we have MB’s that only support 1 GPU in our standard PC’s ;)

I was hoping that the 2 machine requirement could be circumvented by using a loopback TCP/IP connection to the localhost (i.e.
Is it an established fact that this cannot be achieved ?

I don’t know, but that would not work anyway when you only have 1 card. And with 2 cards it is either already working, or it will be later on.

I recall hearing an instructor on a Nexus demo (webinar?) addressing a class and mentioning that the computers they were using had Parallels (see running on them. Is this a valid way of only using a single PC with Nexus? I don’t yet have Nexus so I can’t say whether this will work. Anyone?