How can I get into the Nexus beta program? I’ve opened a ticket but i dont see any download/link for it??
Is it already available?



I really don’t know how to get it, I have created an account too but no link, I’m wondering why Nexus is so difficult to obtain, is it marketing ???

The last email stated that Invitations would be sent this week, they will be staggered over a few weeks…

Apparently Nvidia’s use of the term “Nexus” is trademarked, by Luxology. So a meeting took place this week between them, but i believe Nvidia were going ahead regardless of the trademark dispute.

So hopefully by the end of the month all Beta signups should be fulfilled.

Thank you mentalcodes, but is it possible to read the mail you’re referring to ?

And what about NVPP (or NPP, is there an available link to download it or not, I’ve received this mail but I still have not found a way to get it from NVIDIA website :

A new Tool or Utility has just been posted to your web site.

This information is titled: NVIDIA Performance Primitives v 1.0

This information is for: General

The information description is: NVIDIA is pleased to announce the release
of version 1.0 of the NVIDIA
Performance Primitives (NPP) library to Registered Developers.

Performance primitives are foundational building blocks for performing
GPU accelerated processing. The initial set of functionality in the
library focuses on functions for imaging and video processing and is
widely applicable for developers in these areas. The NPP library
is written to maximize flexibility, while maintaining high performance.

NPP can be easily integrated into existing applications and allows
developers to take advantage of GPU acceleration without having to write
code for the GPU.

The functions contained in this version span fundamental operations such
as add, multiply and divide to advanced operations such as perspective
warps, discrete cosine transformation, histogram and Canny filtering.

The library currently supports Linux 32/64, Windows 32/64 and Mac OS.

Here is a slightly edited version:

"Thanks again for registering for the NVIDIA Nexus Beta Program. We are currently putting the finishing touches on our Beta build, and will begin to enable accounts once it is ready for download. You will receive another e-mail once your account has been enabled.

P.S. One other note: due to an overwhelming number of developer sign-ups, we will be staging invitations over the next couple of weeks to make sure our systems can handle the support load. We will be working to get everyone signed-up access as soon as we can."

Also it has been confirmed that the name “NEXUS” will not be used, and Nvidia will change all references to the name Nexus. So maybe the Beta will be delayed a little more as a result.

Thanks for the mail ;)