Where is Nexus? It was supposed to be released Oct 15th, right?

Hi everyone!

Wasn’t Nexus beta supposed to be released Oct 15th? I haven’t seen anything about it in the past few days. Have I missed something or am I the only one whining about not having it?



Fraq Ian, stop using my account! :P

Is this how they spell the f word in Battlestar Galactica?

I was also just logging into the developer site, desperately searching for the Nexus. No, my name is not Soran, but I really really want to see Nexus.

Yes :)

Yeah, i havent gotten any news on it…

Hey Ian,

I just read “We will start distributing invitations for Nexus Beta in October 2009.” on www.nvidia.com/nexus, so just wait for that beta invite then.

Det kommer gå smuttigt :)