beta of the next CUDA release release date of the next beta

it has been said in one of the posts that we should expect a new release sometime at the end of this year. Does it mean that we can expect a new beta this month … ?

Either this month or next month!

i thought it was announced somewhere that nov 17th we get it.

No, that’s the day of the CUDA tutorial at Supercomputing 2008.

(seriously, the answer is “when it’s done.” and if you’re really asking for a date when it will be done, I don’t know. we’re working on it and trying to get it out as fast as possible.)

the official big bang II drivers come novemeber 17th from what i understand and i was only “thinking” that is when the next cuda release would be done.


If we haven’t said “that’s the release date,” that’s not the release date.

it says that nvidia released that information…so when you say “If we haven’t said “that’s the release date,” that’s not the release date.” i believe nvidia did release that information.

that site says

i will try and find where they (techarp) got that from…

here is something i dug up.


ok i guess this is all i can find at that same link.

What some tech site claims the GeForce division is doing for their next Vista driver release has no bearing on what the CUDA group is doing with a driver, compiler, debugger, and code sample release for many OSes. There is no official release date for 2.1, period, except “when it’s ready to be released.”

[WAKES UP] You say debugger? :):):)[/WAKES UP]

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tmurray stop acting like this info on those sites is being pulled out of the thin air.

you didnt even look at the links i posted did you?

the info is from nvidia at one of the computer shpws they went to.

the pics are from an nvidia slide show that displays the dev timeline of some of their software and the big bang 2 drivers which do show that they were supposed to be finished in sept.

as far as unofficially…word on the street for cuda 2.1…is supposed to come with the whql big bang 2 drivers…they might not…who knows but the big bang 2 whql drivers are (already) supposed to be out according to “Nvidias” timeline in their slideshow.

word on the street, is just that. All Tim said was that whatever timeline there is for whql drivers has no bearing at all on the CUDA 2.1 development of the group within NVIDIA that is doing the CUDA development. I searched the page you referenced for CUDA, but there was no mention at all there.

yes i understand that.

but alot of people have been saying that the next cuda release will be with the next big bang2 driver release that is whql.

by the way i have not heard anyone from here “deny” this either.

tmurray has already denied it. At this time, there are no plans to have any CUDA release align with a specific ‘major’ display driver release. As tmurray already stated, a CUDA_2.1 beta should be available within the next few weeks. However CUDA_2.1-final will be released once its ready, and is definitely not going to align with any specific major display driver release.

oh ok…didnt know that it was already said what you just said.

bummer :(

Where do you read this? I don’t find these kind of (interesting even if not always correct) rumours on the CUDA forums.

sometimes on the forums…but i have alot better source then that on irc and no i wont say the channel, network or nick.

what tmurry said was that the driver is just one part of cuda. even if the cuda 2.1 driver comes out right now and supports everything that it’s gotta support for the future, the actual “CUDA 2.1” will include updated everything else (the meat and potatoes, the compiler, toolchain, etc, where most of the cuda bugs typically are).

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I accidentaly found out about CUDA 2.1 beta support with yesterday’s linux beta drivers 180.06 but i can’t find Windows drivers yet :) This is good sign and i hope we can expect them soon.…mp;#entry463811