CUDA 1.1 G92 Capable Release Date? CUDA 1.1 for 8800 GT

I plan on getting the 8800 GT for CUDA programming purposes for Monte Carlo simulations on option prices. But I’m aware that the current 1.0 doesn’t support the G92 architecture. Can someone please give me an exact date of when CUDA 1.1 is coming out? I really need to get started on my thesis project.


we all can’t wait until that beast finally gets released :)

I’ve just Google’d for “CUDA 1.1” and found this interesting PDF:link.

Most forum visitors probably already know about new features in 1.1 but anyway this document gives good feel of upcoming update.

Document is dated back to October, 21, so, I guess, 1.1 will be released really soon :)

The announcement said Cuda 1.1 will be released in a few days, its been 6 days now. Can someone tell me when Cuda 1.1 will be available on

The beta is available now to registered developers. Since you are going to use this for academic research, registering shouldn’t be a problem (just don’t use firefox to register, the website is not compatible with firefox).…er_program.html

I don’t know when 1.1 will go public, but I suspect it will be very soon.

Unfortunately registration takes a very long time, probably due to large number of applications.

I don’t see it on the registered developers web site. Was it pulled off?

I guess things are different now. When I registered early last summer as a grad student performing research with CUDA, it was less than 1 week before I was in.

I see on the registered developer site still. (As of this post time anyway)

How do I find it? I don’t see it under “Drivers” or “Tools & Utilities”.


BTW, I’m at There isn’t a separate web site specifically for CUDA developers, is there?…egistration.asp

I navigate to the site this way:


  2. Click on “Developer Login” on left sidebar.

  3. Enter user/password

  4. After login, the main page has on the right a list titled “Newest documents and downloads”. CUDA 1.1 is the top link.

That’s very interesting. It’s not there for me. Maybe it’s because I was registered a long time ago as a developer, but not more recently as a CUDA developer?

The content displayed is user-dependent. You need to be a registered CUDA developer to see CUDA 1.1.

A beta of CUDA 1.1 is now available for download from CUDA main page.