CUDA 2.0 final roadmap

I need to know if there is a CUDA 2.0 roadmap and when it’s planned the final CUDA 2.0 version, pls. We’re going to release a new version of our application and I need to adjust more accurately our timing plans, pls.


No idea then?

You have been on the forums long enough to know that NVIDIA never announces timetables for CUDA releases. Likely because they don’t want to promise something and then not deliver. The most you can expect is a few days of heads up.

However: this post mentions that the 177.79 for Vista support CUDA 2.0b2. 177.79 are “official” beta drivers, not a CUDA specific beta, released on July 29. NVIDIA has always provided CUDA support in the latest official driver when a major CUDA version is released, so seeing support in the 177.79 beta [i]may[/]b suggest that CUDA 2.0 is coming very soon.

Yep, well an approximated date is ok for me… I basically want to know if CUDA 2.0 gonna be released after summer… or before the next year… or if it’s expected by the Q2 of 2009…