CUDA 9.2 release date

When will be the release data of cuda9.2

In general, this forum is not the place where NVIDIA will discuss future plans.

where it should be?

I saw an AD about download-event-CUDA-9.2 of in nvidia official facebook.

It is somewhat strange event because we can download only CUDA 9.185.

I got driver 397.31 the other day (on win10), and now “deviceQuery” says “CUDA driver version: 9.2” - so it’s moving

Do you have any idea if the next cuda 9.2 will support ubuntu 17.10?

I saw a lot of people referring to 17.10 as risky to use due to a lot of new stuff tried out by Ubuntu team. I would expect them to jump from 17.04 to 18.04 since it is LTS anyways.

The announcement of Cuda 9.2 was one month ago, and states “Join the NVIDIA Developer Program to find out when CUDA 9.2 is available for download.”

I have joined. Now, where do I find when CUDA 9.2 is available for download?

What is the point of “Announcing” 9.2 without information on when and how to get it, what new features it contains? The release linked from the announcement point to 9.1.

Cuda 9.2 where is it?

Hi, anyone know where to get cuda 9.2 for redhat ppc64le