Nvidia Nsight Host Machine Requirements

Hi All.

I just had a quick question about remote debugging a CUDA project using Nvidia Parralell Nsight.

Does Nsight require a Nvidia device installed on the host machine in order to operate?

I have a desktop with a GTX650 installed (my target machine) but the only other (host) machine I currently have access to has an AMD device installed on it. Does this mean I cannot use this machine to debug my project?

If the worst comes to the worst I can always setup a dual GPU debugging enviornment with the onboard output from my target machine but I would rather not go through that if I don’t have to.

Any response is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


The requirements for local and remote debugging are documented in the Nsight Visual Studio Edition User Manual in the section System Requirements for NVIDIA Nsight Software url[/url].

CUDA remote debugging does not require the host to have an NVIDIA GPU.

Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2.2 introduced single GPU CUDA debugging.

I would recommend that you upgrade to Nsight 3.0 RC1 available for download through the Nsight Visual Studio Edition Registered Developer Program.