The AGX Xavier schematic shown in the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board B03 Design Files.
don’t show any INA3221.

The Jetson AGX Xavier OEM Product Design Guide, and the Hardware Setup - Jeston AGX Xavier in NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide 32.1 Release,
discuss interface with INA3221, saying that "the outputs are fed into a “SOC_THERM”.

Can I get explanation on what’s SOC_THERM, and if it is used in Jetson AGX Xavier?


Hi, INA3221 is in module. SOC_THERM is a thermal zone that might be used to monitor system performance to reduce power consumption. The warning output from INA3221 is fed into SOC_THERM to act as a warning to reduce power.

I couldn’t find ‘INA3221’ in the schematic (link in first session).
Can you please inform if there’s other schematic, or show me this in the schematic.

So I assume that there’s a typo in the OEM PDG and the other document - might be a leftover from TX2.

My understanding is that upon high temperature event, the INA3221 which resides in the module, will send an alert signal SOC_THERM to the host, and that the carrier board don’t see this signal.

INA3221 is in module, module schematic is no public. INA3221 is to monitor power consumption not temperature. The power monitor chapter in OEM DG is to help customer better understand, doesn’t mean it is on carrier board.