SoC Power Monitoring

I am interested in measuring the power consumption of the Jetson TX1 SoC. I know that the developer kit carrier board contains two power measurement ICs (INA3221) and I have been able to read the current/voltage over I2C using a separate uController at addresses 7’h42 and 7’h43. It is my understanding that this only monitors rails of the carrier board so now I would like to directly get the power of the SoC board. I believe the SoC also contains a 3 channel power monitor IC (INA3221). I was able to get a hit using 7’h40 but I don’t know exactly what the three channels correspond to. Is there a schematic of the SoC board or more documentation on this?

As an alternative, I know that the kernel provides the ability to communicate to devices on the I2C bus but I don’t have much experience doing this. Is there some documentation on this that I could read or an example so that I can read some registers of the INA3221 using I2C_GP1_CLK/DAT? Or will this require modifying the kernel source/driver and creating a patch?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi apage,

For now it will need to be measured from the carrier or power supply. The INA (current measurement) support is being added in a later version of the module.


Newer revisions of the TX1 module enable the use of INA power monitors, see