Some folders in are broken - 404 error

Hi. It looks like there is a problem with some of folders inside of . I checked /tumbleweed/ and /leap/15.1/ and both shows 404.

Opensuse 15.1 leap.
Automatic update fails because of this.

The 404 message was because the index file was missing. Those are supposed to be generated automatically, but the process to generate them had gotten stuck. However, even with a missing index file, the repository should still work as long as the metadata is in place.

It turns out that an update to the repositories earlier today left the metadata in an inconsistent state. I’ve regenerated the metadata and posted it to the repositories again, so I believe both issues (the non-working repository and the missing indices) should be resolved now.

the issue looks fixed. thank you.

I’ve been seeing this bug for a few days: and shows the “404 - Not Found” error.