Some info about OpenCL performance

Just wanted to let you know my results of porting existing CUDA application to OpenCL (

Here are the numbers:
CUDA: 26.73 MHash/sec
OpenCL: 25.38 MHash/sec (some stuff is hardcoded, so actually it should be a tiny bit slower)

So, I’ve decided to stay with CUDA for few months, looking forward to see same performance as CUDA & working cross-platform execution.

I have two questions:

  • What’s your GPU precisely?

  • Did you use GPU-only or are using CPU too (in Mac OS X it’s default to aggregate them :-) )


This is a very intresting topic. I’ve not be able to find any good information regarding this issue.

Im currently into a project with converting hash algorithms for GPGPU acceleration and im very intrested in your results.

Daniel, sweden