Sorting key value pairs How to sort {key,valu} pairs


What is the best sorting algorithm for sorting key, value data structures, using cuda?


There’s CUDPP library, developed by several cuda pros from NVIDIA, to do sorting (EXTREMELY FAST!). However it does not support key/value pair in the current release. This feature is said to be added in next release coming up in April(…well, probably…)

I’ve been waiting for this for several months…hope to see this on schedule :)


There is also the radix sort used by the particles demo (in the CUDA SDK). It does sort key value pairs. I have used it in my project quite successfully.

Do you think the radix sort used in particle demo (which is based on Scott LeGrand’s radix sort), will be suitable for floats?

Not normally, but it is possible to modify a radix sort so that it handles floating point numbers correctly:
[url=“Radix Sort Revisited”][/url]