SQream Database

Hello all,
I am currently doing a project which demands the usage of Cuda programming with SQL database.
I have researched about this a lot and finally found a database named as SQream database which uses the Nvidia CUDA GPUs for parallel computation of SQL database.
I visited their website but i could not find any purchase option there.
I have contacted them but they did not reply for the cost estimation.

Can anybody suggest me anything regarding this problem ?
I need parallel computation of SQL databases.

Disclaimer: I don’t use or program databases. It’s not quite clear to me what you are looking for. If you simply need a GPU-accelerated database that supports SQL, maybe have a look at MapD? https://www.mapd.com

Found on the first page of results for a simple Google query (https://www.google.com/#q=gpu+acclerated+database+sql), along with SQream and Kinetica http://www.kinetica.com/

Hi PR22,

I work with MapD. We can talk to you about our database if you wish. Just contact us at info@mapd.com.


Hi pr22,

SQream DB is indeed a full ANSI-92 (+ extensions) analytic SQL database that uses NVIDIA GPUs to do parallel computations.

SQream DB is intended for the multi terabyte (<1TB - 800TB) analytics range. If that sounds like something that interests you, we have a cloud instance on IBM SoftLayer that you can play with for one month free of charge.

Drop me a line at arnon@sqream.com and we’ll set up an instance for you.