SR-IOV pps limiting


I am looking for an SR-IOV VF pps limiting solution. As described in the documents [bandwidth limiting], connectX series NICs provide bandwidth limiting.

Although I have not found the formal pps limiting solution, I figured out sysfs pps directory for connectX-6 dx.: /sys/class/net/{PF_NAME}/device/sriov/{VF_NUMBER}/meters/tx/pps/rate

This sysfs file works as I intended. From this, I have two questions as following:

  1. May I use this sysfs file? I mean I wonder if it is the correct usage for pps limiting.
  2. ConnectX-5 does not introduce this ‘meters/tx/pps’ sysfs. Is there another possible approach to limit pps?


VF metering is supported on both CX6DX/LX, but only available in switchdev mode.

VF in legacy mode,
VF rate limit provides min/max_tx_rate bps traffic shaping. It doesn’t support shaping for RX or pps.

• /sys/class/net/<ETH_IF_NAME> /device/sriov//max_tx_rate

• /sys/class/net/<ETH_IF_NAME> /device/sriov//min_tx_rate

Thank you for your answer!

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