SSD model to TensorRT with customer layer

Hi,I am trying to convert SSD model(VGG_VOC0712_SSD_300x300_deploy) to run with TensorRT(TX2) use customer layer.

I have my sample compiled successfully but get an error when running:

sample_SSD: virtual void nvinfer1::plugin::DetectionOutput::configure(const nvinfer1::Dims*, int, const nvinfer1::Dims*, int, int): Assertion `numPriorsnumLocClasses4 == inputDims[0].d[0]’ failed.

Thank you so much for any advise and help.

My mistake ,it seems like some parameters of the layer was wrong.


SSD plugins are not official release functions.
We don’t have information can share with you.

Here is a relevant discussion for your reference:


I met the same error, have u solve it?
I use it in voc_ssd, it’s ok. But when it come to mobilenet_ssd, the error occurs.
hope your reply~


Do you use Caffe model and want to inference it with our internal SSD plugin function (ex, createSSDNormalizePlugin,…)?
Please remember that these SSD plugin implementation is not official supported.
It’s recommended to use our new sampleUffSSD sample in TensorRT 4.0 instead.

If you are not using the internal SSD plugin function, could you file a new topic specify for your issue?


Did you solve this problem? I have the same error Assertion failed.