Strange message in dmesg

Can someone explain what that means ?
I get it in dmesg

NVRM: GPU at 0000:01:00: GPU-4c2f7434-f149-3974-173b-7fda28688d4d

driver 310.14 x64
gtx 660 ti

driver 304.64
shows the same message

This identifies the GPU to make it easier to tell when errors occur which physical GPU triggered it. It’s mostly intended to be used by high performance computing users with thousands of GPUs who might otherwise have trouble telling when two errors are from the same one.

Aaron, what he’s asking is why he sees this message at all.

Newer drivers print this message on start up and this message confuses us, users.

It would be nice if you changed the message to:

NVRM: Found NVIDIA GPU at 0000:01:00, GUID: GPU-12c81eb3-9b10-704f-638a-e30651cb06b4