Strange -O3 optimization result for nvfortran

I was porting an in-house fortran code to OpenACC by HPC SDK and got some strange result for -O3 optimization. The result can be reproduced by the following piece of code:

! bug_test.f90

program main

implicit none

integer i, na

real, allocatable :: w(:), ww(:)

real a

na = 8

allocate(w(na), ww(na))

w = 1.

ww = -1.

!$acc kernels

do i = 1, na

a = w(i)

w(i) = ww(i)

ww(i) = a


!$acc end kernels

write(*, *) w

write(*, *)

write(*, *) ww

end program

I need to sweep the elements in two arrays, when I compile the code with:

nvfortran -acc -Minfo -r8 -O3 bug_test.f90

The program output shows that both w and ww all “-1”

However, the program works well when compile with -O2 or -O.

The program even shows a right output for -O3 optimization while I targeting -acc=multicore or -acc=host. It seems that the compiler takes a strange optimization strategy for the GPU code. I have to avoid -O3 optimization in my code now.

My OS is Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, HPC SDK version is 21.3, cuda version is 11.0.

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Thanks JieyunPan,

I’ve reproduced the issue here and filed problem report TPR #29984.


This has been fixed in our 21.7 release which has just been made available.