Successful XenApp GRID deployments

Hi Jason
Thanks for your clarification/suggestion. Well i know that this is not a perfect solution but i think its the best for this moment.
Nvidia Quadro K5200 is a capable card and the specs for workstation is:

  1. 32 GB DDR4
    2.Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-1650 v3
    3.2x256 GB SSD
    4.Nvidia Quadro K5200
  2. Windows 2012 with Citrix Xenapp bare metal installation

I will go with 2 x Workstation with above specs and I know that i don’t get the same scalability as i will when using virtualization but there is a problem because Hyper-v doesn’t support GPU pass-through yet and clients don’t respond well to suggestions to change hypervisor.

Just remember that every session in XenApp will require CPU resource for ctxgfx.exe to encode the stream into h264 for HDX.

Be aware that it’s likely to affect scalability expectations. Your CPU has 6 cores, so depending on the intensity of the load you could have a CPU bottleneck.

There’s a video of mine at the link below that shows the effect of running high FPS apps on the VM’s resources (youtube in this case).

Also take a look at the policy here

This should help get good FPS at the client of course assuming the client is capable of realtime decode at the desired fps.