Supported Memory Types on output plane of encoder


From documentation, it is said, that MMAP and DMABUF are supported for encoder output plane, but when using

encoder->output_plane.setupPlane(V4L2_MEMORY_MMAP, 10, true, false)


I obtain the following error :

Error while mapping buffer at output plane
[ERROR] (NvV4l2ElementPlane.cpp:496) <my_encoder> Output Plane:Error in VIDIOC_REQBUFS at output plane: Device or resource busy

. So what is the issue ? I should only use DMABUF as memory type for output plane or I should add some things to set up output plane with MMAP type?


Please refer to tegra_multimedia_api\samples\01_video_encode

Hi Danell,
Thanks for your reply.
When using coder with MMAPI I obtain the following error :

NvH264MSEncSetCommonStreamAttribute: DRC not supported through attribute. Use CropRect

but coder runs successfully.
What could be the cause of this error ?

Hi Nostalgie, it is a warning and harmless.

Okk, thanks for your reply.