Surface Gripper

Hello, i have a question about the surface gripper, what is the unit of the parameter force limit ? It’s seem strange that it was Newtons because default initialize gripper at 1000000 Newtons ?Could you help me ?

It is indeed Newton (assuming you are maintaining the default units) :

The default high value is to keep in a unbreakable configuration by default.

Thank for your answer.
I have another question that rely on this topic, in the example “Surface gripper”, if i put 100N on the properties forcelimit, 5kg on the mass on the cube, why can’t i lift the cone without breaking constraint ? In theory, 100N surface gripper can lift 10kg, of course the acceleration of gripper reduce the maximum mass lifted but there is another effect i have ignored ?

the break force is an absolute limit - When you are lifting the cube you need to go beyond 50N to compensate for gravity pulling it down. Think like this - to move a 50N body up you need > 50N to compensate gravity - the faster you want it accelerating the greater differential it will be.

So if you have 100N limit, you have ~50N max force that can be exerted. so you can only accelerate up to ~10m/s^2 before the breaking force limit is reached.

Ok, I understand, thank for your answer