Switching ISP files for day and night mode streaming w/o restart

Hi team
I am using Nvidia jetson nano with custom board and trying to stream in day and night mode seperately
i have two binaries specific for each case and we replace binaries as per our requirements
but for these binaries to take effect and reflect in stream we either have to reboot the device or restart the nvargus daemon that is not suitable for production .
is there any other method by which we can reflect the binaries on stream when we switch these binaries without reboot or restarting nvargus daemon

hello vishal.sharma1,

in theory, yes. it should be doable without system restart.
may I double confirm what’s the binary you’re mentioned. is it ISP override files?

Yes jerry, its an isp overrides file

i just dont want to restart the device or nvargus daemon to make the changed isp file take effect.

hello vishal.sharma1,

you should perform below steps to make it works with different ISP override files.
(1) apply ISP file to /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings.
(2) clean all the camera cache, nvcam_cache*.bin
(3) launch camera stream.
(4) terminate camera stream.
(5) back-to (1) with different ISP file.

Hi jerry,

I am following the same steps but the isp file is not taking effect after clear cache and restarting the stream
is there any other step we are missing??

hello vishal.sharma1,

is there any logs for reference?
you may try configure below settings on the target to enable Argus logs.
$ sudo su
# pkill nvargus-daemon
# export enableCamPclLogs=5
# nvargus-daemon 2>&1 | tee argus-output.log

Hi Jerry,

While using above commands for archiving nvargus logs i have the following observations :

An IP conflict arise and my device is assigned with two IPs at same time and (pic attached)

None of the two IPs could be used to stream the device

We can take ssh of the device using both the IPs simultaneously

there are no logs recorded in the subsequent file

Setup information : I am using a Power over ethernet injector to power up and connect my device over the network
I an creating a dhcpd server in my pc to assign the IP to my device


you should execute above command on the target to enable Argus logs.

Hi Jerry
could you please specify the target path, just for clarity

A target means you should running those commands on Jetson Nano directly.

Hi jerry

I am using these commands on jetson only.


wait… may I know which camera device you’re using? is it a bayer raw camera sensor or something else?

its a Cmos Bayer raw camera sensor

hello vishal.sharma1,

please keep the nvargus-daemon service running, and launch your camera use-case.
it should output messages to the terminal, and write the logs to single text file as well.

Hi jerry once i execute the following commands
i am not able to stream

please execute those command directly, you’re using ssh (remote) to login the target…

just confirming, you want me to access the target using serial console?

hello vishal.sharma1,

are you able to have physical access to Jetson Nano?
you should have display and keyboard connected to the Jetson Nano, enable the terminal to execute those command to enable Argus logs on the target.

I am not working on dev-kit
i am working with custom board and i do can not connect directly to display and keyboard.

i can max have serial console access.

hello vishal.sharma1,

let’s back to comment #5.
please check whether it works with different ISP override files after restart nvargus-daemon service.
for instance,
(1) apply ISP file to /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings.
(2) clean all the camera cache, nvcam_cache*.bin
(3) launch camera stream.
(4) terminate camera stream.
(5) $ sudo pkill nvargus-daemon
(6) $ sudo systemctl start nvargus-daemon
(7) back-to (1) with different ISP file.