TAO 5.0 google colab

When are TAO 5 models (such as DINO) expected to be supported via the google colab notebooks? I cant find any documentation explaining how to run it in colab. Could it be because the pip package nvidia-tao-tf1 is still at Or does everything have to be reworked to make it possible?

We did not support all the notebooks in Colab. We just keep few notebooks for Colab.
The available notebooks are mentioned in

Since the new models are not supported in colab notebooks then as you said, is it possible to get information on what docker image is actually running underneath the “tao” command? is it any of these three?

The reason is, if i know what environment its using and what the ways are to build it, then i could create my own script from scratch that would enable me to train on colab or colab like notebook environments.

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You can find the info in Working With the Containers - NVIDIA Docs.

For example,
Dino network locates at docker nvcr.io/nvidia/tao/tao-toolkit:5.0.0-pyt

More info can be found in TAO Toolkit | NVIDIA NGC as well.

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