TAO Terms and Conditions

Can TAO be used commercially?
Who can I contact and ask questions about copyright?

Yes, you can use TAO to train any models and deploy.

But please note that NVIDIA TAO is a framework from NVIDIA that simplifies and accelerates the creation of custom, production-ready AI models to power Speech and Vision AI applications.
For “Terms and Conditions”, I will sync internally further.

The usage of TAO is dictated by the End user license agreement (EULA). TAO can be used commercially as long as users adhere to the terms and conditions in the EULA. All TAO models are distributable.
Here’s link to TAO and models EULA.

TAO: https://developer.nvidia.com/tao-toolkit-software-license-agreement

Models: https://developer.nvidia.com/deep-learning-models-license-agreement

Thank you so much.
one more question, “All TAO models are distributable.” does this sentence mean that TAO can be used in a distributed computer vision platform?

No, it means you can use TAO to train any models and deploy.

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Thank you.