Tegrastats results

Hello,I tried to get bandwidth usage in tegrastats tools in 1 ms interval.
I use command as: sudo tegrastats --interval 1 --logfile tegrastast.log,
I only get 20-30 sample in 1 second,but I need 1000 samples。
Maybe writing to a file or printing in a standard output takes time.
I have the following questions:
(1) Is there a better way to get the bandwidth usage at 1 ms intervals?
(2) I found EMC_FREQ 105%@3199 means the External Memory Controller bandwidth is used, and it’s running at 3199 MHz. Does it accurately represent current bandwidth usage?
(3) Why does EMC_FREQ 105%@3199 sometimes exceed 100%? The tegrastats info like this:
06-10-2022 23:59:37 RAM 6849/30623MB (lfb 2898x4MB) SWAP 0/15311MB (cached 0MB) CPU […] EMC_FREQ 105%@3199 GR3D_FREQ 99%@1295 GR3D2_FREQ 99%@1298 NVJPG1 729 VIC_FREQ 729 APE 233 CV0@-256C CPU@57.468C …
(4) If I don’t use sudo permissions,run command tegrastats --interval 1, EMC_FREQ always 0%,is it normal?

hello 1390956142,

the tegrastats utility it actually report the average results in the time interval.
may I know the details to fetch data in 1 ms interval and looking for 1000 samples? why don’t you check 1-sec for the results.

please have sudo commands to run tegrastats utility to fully enable reported statistics.

Thanks for your reply.
When running neural networks, many networks take only a few milliseconds to inference. The bandwidth information with a shorter interval can be better monitored.
And why does EMC_FREQ 105%@3199 sometimes exceed 100%?

hello Ella230,

please also check flash configs you’ve flashed to.
there’re jetson-agx-orin-devkit and jetson-agx-orin-devkit-maxn flash configs that have different configurations.
you may see-also developer guide, Getting and Setting Frequencies to use commands for update the clock frequency.

since it’s logfile to dump the output values to text file, this should also gated by file writing performance. 1ms interval may be critical, could you please try larger interval for viewing the results?

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