TensorFlow, PyTorch, JupyterLab in NON-jetson docker

Hi, I couldn’t find a docker image containing TensorFlow, PyTorch, JupyterLab for any Pascal NVIDIA GPU.
I could only find the docker image series l4t-ml dedicated to Jetson which doesn’t fix my requirements.
Many Thanks

Hello @gyuliano

There is an all-in-one container for your requirements


Kind Regards

Hello @mehmetdeniz

Thank you very much for you kind suggestion.

I tried the floydhub/dl-docker: the main limitation is Ubu-14 & Python 2.
For my applications I need Python 3.
This is an old docker (~5y ago).
Is there some upgrade out there?

I have found two repos on GitHub.

The first one did not implement pytorch, but you can include it easily on your side

The second one installs tensorboard instead of tensorflow. After a small search, I got “the tensorboard should install tensorflow” opinion.

Hope one of these will meet your needs.

Kind Regards