TensorRT 4 ARM64 binaries for CUDA 8

Hi NVIDIA and out dear developer community!

I have we been working with some legacy builds and I would love to get access to TensorRT 4 ARM64 binaries for CUDA 8. Particularly,


Thank you very much everyone!!!


TensorRT v4.0 is available in JetPack3.3.1.
You can find the installer here: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetpack-3_3_1


AastaLLL, thank you for your reply!

TensorRT v4.0 was introduced with JetPack3.3, however, it also comes with CUDA 9 and cuDNN 7 but I am in need of TensorRT v4.0 for CUDA 8 compiled for ARM64, which is not available in JetPack.

What should I do?


Sorry that we don’t have a JetPack version including CUDA8.0 and TensorRT4.0 at the same time.
So you will need to change the software version based on JetPack release.

Is there any other combination can work for you?