Which deb package provides TensorRT6

I have Jetson Nano running custom built Linux with Jetpack 4.3 deployed in a few countries. Now I’m looking to add nVidia’s TensorRT binary to my Linux image but I can’t find it anywhere. I looked into nvidia-container-csv-tensorrt_6.0.1.10-1+cuda10.0_arm64.deb and tensorrt_6.0.1.10-1+cuda10.0_arm64.deb files that the SDK manager downloaded, but can’t find tensorrt binary. I also looked at the TensorRT download page, but can’t find arm64 version of the binary.

Where can I find arm64 version of tensorrt binary? Is there an URL that I can download directly from?

Please don’t ask me to upgrade to latest Jetpack as I’m stuck on Jetpack 4.3 because of certification complexities around my product.

To install, just do sudo apt install libnvinfer-bin. SDK Manager is not required (or in some cases, desirable).

If you’re looking for trtexec, it’s in /usr/src/tensorrt/bin/trtexec. Not sure why a binary is in /usr/src/... and not in some $PATH member, but there it is.

Make sure you apply security updates and read the bulletins from Nvidia. There have more than few serious CVEs since then. I don’t know if the fixes have been backported. If you’re using SDK manager’s packages, I would assume not.