Installing Tensorrt individually


I want to install only specific software of the jetpack to conserve storage space for my project using jetson nano. so, I was looking for an arm64 deb file for tensorrt 7.2.3 for cuda 10.2 but couldn’t find it. In fact, I couldn’t find an arm64 deb file for any version of tensorrt (I could download cuda separately though).
Has Nvidia barred downloading tensorrt separately for embedded systems like jetson nano? Is there a reason for that?

Hi @infinityp913, the TensorRT packages can be installed via apt repo or from SDK Manager. These aren’t on the website because TensorRT version is dependent on the cuDNN/CUDA version, which is in turn dependent on the JetPack-L4T version, ect (which is why these are bundled with JetPack).

SDK Manager will download the deb packages to your host PC for you, and you can install those yourself. TensorRT does require cuDNN and CUDA Toolkit to be installed also.

Are CUDA and cuDNN the only dependencies for Tensorrt?
Does SDK manager provide me the right combination of CUDA and cuDNN for a specific Tensorrt download?

Those are the big ones I believe, you would need to ldd to check the others.

Yes, SDK Manager downloads a specific version of JetPack, which is bundled to have the correct kernel, CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT.