Where to find cudnn 7 packages for TX2

I checked https://developer.nvidia.com/rdp/cudnn-download, only x86/power platforms are supported.

Then I checked JetPack 3.1, its contents are:
L4T BSP 28.1 64-bit with Linux kernel 4.4
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS aarch64 sample root filesystem
CUDA 8.0.84
cuDNN v6.0
TensorRT 2.1
OpenCV 2.4.13
VisionWorks 1.6

No cudnn 7 either.

So where can I get cudnn 7 packages for TX2?


cuDNNv7 is within TensorRT3.0 package
You can download here:

I downloaded TensorRT 3.0 but cannot find any file of cudnn in the package.

For a workground, I make a soft link named libcudnn.so.7 pointing libcudnn.so.6, it works.


TensorRT3.0 only support cuDNNv7.
After installing TensorRT3.0 package, cuDNN library is located at /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/

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I think I know the difference between us.
I downloaded tar package of TensorRT3.0, no cudnn files in it.
Your answer might mean to debian packages, I found cudnn files like libcudnn7_7.0.1.13-1+cuda8.0_arm64.deb in it.

Anyway, it solved!

why not distribute cudnn alone? it’s strangle


Due to lots of dependencies, we release package via JetPack to make sure all our features work correctly.


Hi ZhaoYongke,

So you install cudnn 7 by debian packages but not tar package of TensorRT3.0, am I correct?

Hi AastaLLL,

Now my Tx2 is JetPack 3.1 now… but I only want to update TensorRT2.1 to 3.0 and cudnn 6 to 7 but not update whole JetPack to 3.2, could it possible?


Hi, Arlen0615

You can try TensorRT 3 RC which is built with CUDA 8.0:


Is there any cuDNN newer than 7.0.1 (say, 7.1.4) built with CUDA 8.0 for arm64 ?

I know there are CUDA 9 ones, but due to a CUDA bug, they’re not of much use to me…


All the aarch64 package comes from the JetPack installer.
Here are the available version for your reference:

  • JetPack4.2: - CuDNN 7.3 + CUDA 10.0
  • JetPack3.3: - CuDNN 7.0 + CUDA 9.0 ...


hi all, I have a question:

which TensorRT should I install to download CuDNN 7.3.0 for Cuda 9.0

Jetson TX2
Jetpack 3.2
CUDA 9.0
CuDNN 7.0.5

I want to upgrade CuDNN from 7.0.5 to 7.3.0 without flashing again

Thanks in advance.

Well,I only want to install CUNDD 7.x version for CUDA 8.0, what should I do? Can anyone help me?

There are dependencies, hence can’t work able to work. Please use JetPack to do the installation with corresponding SDK/libraries.