cuDNN version on Jetson TX2 (auvidea J120 board), only v7.0 can be selected

I need to install cuDNN 7.1.5 on a Jetson TX2. I downloaded
which should include cuDNN v 7.1.5:

However, on the JetPack 3.3 Components Manager I can only select “Install 7.0” for cuDNN.


Hi hitimo,

After install JetPack-3.3 finished, you can check cuDNN version is

check cuDNN version:

dpkg -l | grep cudnn

Hi carolyuu,

Thanks a lot - I figured it out. So I guess it only shows the version major in the JetPack 3.3. Components Manager.

How can I upgrade my cuDNN to 7.5 version.
Now my tx2 has a 9.0 cuda and a cuDNN.
I try to make Opencv’s dnn moudle with cuda support, but cmake tall me that the cuDNN is required at least “7.5”.

Hi chenchunlei,

Please using sdkmanager to flash JetPack-4.3 image and install sdk components.
This version JetPack support cuDNN 7.6 and CUDA 10.0.