Downgrade cuDNN version


I have an application that was built to use with cuDNN 7.6.
But i got a Jetson TX2 with cuDNN 8.0 installed.
How can I downgrade it so that my application runs without issues?
I thought that I could do that by flashing the card but i could not select the version of the library in SDK manager…


Hi @LeNormich, you would need to re-flash your device through SDK Manager to JetPack 4.3. JetPack 4.3 comes with cuDNN 7.6.3, whereas JetPack 4.4 and newer use cuDNN 8.0. The version of CUDA/cuDNN can’t be changed independently of the JetPack version.

Remember to back up any work you might want to save that is on your TX2, because when you re-flash it, it will reset the eMMC storage to the default OS state.

Ok thanks! Too bad it not possible to choose everytime!
Also, I see that opencv is not compiled with cuda after flashing the card, does that mean that i should recompile opencv using this script after flashing it?

Yes, you could use that script or this one to build OpenCV from source with CUDA enabled: