How do I reinstall TensorRT?

Some time ago I was doing some tests and decided to uninstall TensorRT from my Jetpack image.
After I finished those tests, I wanted to get TensorRT back.

Unfortunately, I did not expect there would not be any package for TensorRT on the Ubuntu repositories used with the image.
There doesn’t seem to be any deb package or installation link for this either.

Is there any officially supported way to properly reinstall this software on the Nano that does not involve using docker or flashing the SD card with a Jetpack image again?

By the way, I did solve this by manually copying the libraries from a Jetpack image mounted on my computer to the SD, so I am asking if there is a better solution.

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Hi Juan, you install NVIDIA SDK Manager to your PC and select the Download Only option, it will download the original debian packages to your PC, which you could then copy to your Jetson and install with dpkg.

Hi dusty_nv,
Since the sdk manager seems a matter of convenience, is there any reason why this deb packages are not provided through other ways?

By other ways I mean:

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There are dependencies with each release, thus only able to install through SDKM->JetPack to avoid unknown issues.