No module named tensorrt

Hi Nvidia team, I manually installed all the packages and dependencies for tensorrt , which are all downloaded from sdk manager (I can’t physically access the board so I can’t directly use sdk manager). I can find tensorrt by dpkg -l | grep, but I can’t import it, also I didn’t find tensorrt in pip3 list. Do I need to add a whl file on this jetson xavier nx board? Thanks


typically tensorrt could be either downbloaded from

Debian, RPM and TAR Install Packages for ARM Architecture
TensorRT 7.2.1 for Ubuntu 18.04 and CUDA 11.1 TAR package
TensorRT 7.2.1 for Ubuntu 18.04 and CUDA 11.1 DEB local repo package

or for Jetson - from sdkmanager installation

for remote GUI-less implementation- headless sdkmanager could be used [ still requires remote connectivity to remote Host PC connected to Jetson via USB cord or by network

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