TensorRT installation in Jetson Nano Production board

i have downloaded the Jetpack 4.6 from the below link

Jetson Linux R32.7.2 Release Page | NVIDIA Developer

i flashed the Jetpack into my Jetson Nano production board. The documentation says by default TensorRT comes with Jetpack. how can I verify the TensorRT is installed or not. i used the below command to check, but it is not available.

dpkg -l | grep tensorrt ”.

Also, is there a simple documentation on installing TensorRT?

Another issue is that if I download the CUDNN and CUDA my Nano disk space gets exhausted as it has limited memory. Are there better ways to do these things?

Please note that I don’t want to use docker as it is not convenient.


Please try the following command:

$ apt show nvidia-tensorrt


$ sudo dpkg -l | grep nvinfer

To save storage space, you can install TensorRT via apt after flashing the BSP.
This will only install the required library and can save some storage space.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install nvidia-tensorrt


Thank you. It looks simple.

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