[TensorRT] Assertion `nameToTensor.find(name) != nameToTensor.end()' failed

Hi. I confused with assertion error on tensorRT cpp API.
I tried to build 2 engine with just 1 network, that separate by two part and save each as the engine.
It seams like layer naming issue, but at first I cannot found error point.
(I cannot found " …/builder/cudnnBuilder2.cpp")
I attach the full error message, so please help me.

More specific, I usee deepstreamsdk yolo cpp code on tensorRT 5.2.0 version.

trt-yolo-app: ../builder/cudnnBuilder2.cpp:290: void nvinfer1::builder::buildGraph(const nvinfer1::CudaEngineBuildConfig&, nvinfer1::builder::Graph&, const nvinfer1::Network&): Assertion `nameToTensor.find(name) != nameToTensor.end()' failed.

I solve the problem.
It was the naming problem when i add trt layer on builder.
I solve it by specifying the layer name with setName().